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Taejongdae Jagalchi Grilled Fish

Taejongdae-jagalchi-saengseon-gui / 태종대 자갈치생선구이
Taejongdae Jagalchi Grilled Fish
Taejongdae Jagalchi Grilled Fish

Hello, in front of the entrance to Taejongdae Park, located at the end of Yeongdo, Busan, there are many delicious-looking restaurants. Among them, there is Jagalchi Grilled Fish Restaurant, where grilled fish is delicious. Located right in front of the entrance to Taejongdae Park, this restaurant with a yellow signboard with red letters stands out. It sells grilled fish, seafood soup, and braised cutlassfish.

This restaurant is crowded with groups during lunch time.

Side dishes are self-service, so you can bring and eat as much as you want.

This restaurant’s regular menu is grilled fish.

Grilled fish is delicious, but we also recommend braised cutlassfish of a large pot.

Main MENUKoreanUnit : Won
Grilled Fish Set Menu생선구이정식17,000
Grilled Fish Assorted생선구이모듬50,000~60,000
Braised Cutlassfish갈치조림17,000
Seafood stew해물탕50,000~70,000
Address834, Taejong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan
부산시 영도구 태종로 834
Opening Times07:00 ~ 20:00
Closed daysNone
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