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Busan tour spot Daeyeon-dong, Yongho-dong (Busan Museum, Oryukdo) Park

Oryukdo Island

オユット 오륙도
Depending on the tide, there are five or six mysterious islands.

Oryukdo Island, a symbol of Busan Port, is a small uninhabited island located on the east coast of Haeundae Beach in Busan. All five islands, including Bangpae Island, Gulseom Island, Fanggotseom Island, Suri Island, and Lighthouse Island, are called Oryukdo Island, and they are named Oryukdo Island because they appear to be five islands in high tide and six islands in low tide.

Oryukdo Island, designated as Busan’s Local Cultural Heritage Monument No. 22 as a safety lighthouse for ships entering Busan Port, boasts a spectacular view of the blue sea harmonized with unique rock cliffs and a sunrise among rock islands.

And Oryukdo Skywalk, which opened on October 18, 2013, is popular here.

Oryukdo Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center

Oryukdo Island
Oryukdo Haeparang-gil Tourist Information Center

There is a city bus stop No. 27 in front of SK Oryukdo VIEW Apartment

Oryukdo Island can use the tourist cruise ship departing from Mipo Dock of Haeundae Beach and touring Haeundae-Dongbaekdo-Oryukdo Island, but you can use city bus No. 27, the last stop of Oryukdo Island, or Busan City Tour Bus, via Busan Station.

Basic information
Name Oryukdo Island
Address Yongho 2-dong, Nam-gu, Busan
business hours 24business hours
Admission Fees Free

How to go:Oryukdo Island, which departs from Nampo-dong, Busan, and passes through Busan Station, takes city bus No. 27, the last stop.

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