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Nurimaru APEC House

Nurimaru APEC House

Nurimaru APEC House
Nurimaru APEC House

2005 APEC Summit Hall with a view of the beautiful Haeundae Beach and Gwangan Bridge

Nurimaru APEC House, which was used as the conference hall of the 2005th APEC Summit held in Busan in November 11 (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, 13 countries participated), was named Nuri (World), Maru (Normal) and APEC House in Korean. It is a combination of and means’a house where the world’s best gathers and holds APEC meetings’.

In front of Nurimaru APEC House, Gwangan Bridge and Oryukdo are spread like a folding screen, and in the back, it is located on beautiful Dongbaek Island surrounded by green pine trees. Nurimaru APEC House, which has been used as a memorial hall and international conference hall after APEC in 2005, is also a place where tourists continue to visit.

Nurimaru was completed in September 194 with a construction cost of KRW 2005 billion. It has a total area of ​​9 pyeong, 905 floors above ground, a machine room on the 3st floor, a banquet hall on the 1nd floor, and a conference hall on the 2rd floor. The overall shape of the building is a modern expression of a traditional Korean architecture, the pavilion, the roof shape of the Dongbaek Island ridge, and the interior decoration visually expresses the creative traditional culture of Korea. It boasts the exterior as a high-class international conference hall that combines natural and modern beauty.

In addition, there is an observatory terrace with a view of the Busan sea next to the conference hall, so you can enjoy the superb view of Haeundae adjacent to Oryukdo Island, Gwangan Bridge, Dalmajigogae, and Haeundae Beach.

Basic Information
Tourist attraction name Nurimaru APEC House
Address NUM 해운대구 우동 714-1
Phone number (051)743-1974
Opening hours 09: 00 ~ 18: 00
If there is an event such as an international conference, you may not be able to see it.
Closed days First Monday of every week
Admission fee free

How to get there
After getting off at Dongbaek Station on Busan Subway Line 2, go out through Exit 1 and go straight to the Westin Chosun Beach Hotel. After passing the hotel, you will find Nurimaru.