Chinatown / Shanghai street

Shanghai Gate and Chinatown Special Zone on Shanghai Street.

As much as Shanghai Street, located across from KTX Busan Station, there are many places that have changed as the times have passed. Since the establishment of the Cheongguk Consulate in 1884, the former Cheonggwan Street and the Korean War broke out on August 15, 1945, forming a Texas village in Jungang-dong with the presence of U.S. soldiers, but in November 1952, the Texas village occupied part of Cheonggwan Street in Choryang-dong.

In the 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed and many Russian sailors and peddlers flocked, but the Chinese are proud and proud that they settled here first.

Now the number of Chinese is about 400, less than 20% of the 1970s, when they were in their heyday, but they have protected the land for generations and gained the name Shanghai Street thanks to the Chinese economy, which has continued to grow.

Shanghai Street had many Chinese restaurants that continued the traditional taste of Sudae, but now there are about a dozen open.

The oldest place is Jang Chun-hyang (467-8563). Menu at the time when Song Hoe-ju (71) grandmother fled from Seoul during the Korean War and opened a store with her husband, there were two kinds of dumplings and jangyuk.  The store’s son, who boasts a history of 40 years, is said to be working in the kitchen with the chef. And for those who want to take it home because it’s delicious, we sell dumplings made of pork and vegetables for 10 people each.

In addition, Hongseongbang (467-5398), Jangchunbang 467-5820, and Ilpumhyang 467-1016 boast history and taste. For the third generation, there are Samsaengwon (468-4881) specializing in Chinese dumplings, bread, and soybean soup, and Geon’s party (467-0796) next to Samsaengwon, a Chinese restaurant specializing in ingredients, and a shoe shop (467-0177) specializing in dumplings.

here is only one oriental medicine clinic left, and in the past, there were about 20 oriental medicine clinics lined up on both sides of the road in the heyday, but the first generation passed away or immigrated to the United States, and now only one regular oriental medicine clinic (467-3547) is guarding it. Rep. Lee, whose first grandson passed the oriental medical exam and continued his family business, proudly states that he is an authentic oriental medical clinic.​

Basic information
Name Chinatown, Shanghai street
Address Around Choryang 1-dong, Dong-gu, Busan.
Transportation It’s located across from KTX Busan Station.

Chinatown / Shanghai street

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