Category - Gyeongju Namsan area

Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju is a mountain located in the south of downtown Gyeongju and is an important historical site where you can fully enjoy Buddhist culture of the Silla period.

With a scale of 8km north-south and 4km east-west, there are 180 peaks, including two peaks of Geumobong Peak (468m above sea level) and Gogisan Mountain (494m above sea level), 40 valleys, and many relics and Buddhist relics, including 100 temples, 80 stone Buddhas, and 60 stone pagodas, are scattered throughout the mountain.

Currently, 12 treasures, including Chilbulam Rock-carved Buddha-gun (National Treasure No. 312), Mireukgok Seated Stone Buddha (Treasure No. 136), Sinseonam Rock-carved Bodhisattva Statue (Treasure No. 199), Poseokjeong (Historic Site No. 245), and Cheongwansa Temple (Historic Site No. 340), etc.

In particular, the Seated Rock-carved Buddha in Samneung Valley is carved on a huge natural rock wall measuring 7 meters high and 5 meters wide, and is known as the largest Rock-carved Buddha among various left-carved Buddhas in Namsan Mountain.

Namsan Mountain, one of Gyeongju’s historical sites registered as a World Heritage Site in December 2000, is scattered like stars and numerous Buddhist relics are recorded as many towers as wild geese, and the natural scenery that is superior to many cultural relics delight hikers’ eyes.

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