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Gwangalli Darijip


Popular snack bars introduced by TV and other media outlets, restaurants where you can enjoy food from street vendors such as tteokbokki, fish cakes, and tempura

Hello, Gwangalli Beach, where you can see Gwangandaegyo Bridge, one of the best night view in Busan, has many delicious restaurants such as raw fish and Bulgogi bulgogi restaurants, but there is a snack bar where you can enjoy food such as tteokbokki, fish cakes, and fries.

Darijip, a 10-minute walk from Gwangalli Beach, is a restaurant frequented by tourists visiting Gwangalli Beach and Busan locals as it has been introduced to TV and other media. Also, the store is spacious and the parking lot is well equipped, so it is a place that many family unit customers visit.

The restaurant’s signature Menu is chewy and long tteokbokki, and it is a tteokbokki that you can taste light and delicious using the store’s spicy special sauce. In addition, there are fried squid, fish cake, and dumplings.

광안리 다리집

광안리 다리집
Deep-fried Squid
광안리 다리집
Deep-fried Squid
3,500Won(3 piece)
3,000Won(3 piece)
dumpling 만두 2,500Won(4 piece)
fish cake 오뎅 2,500Won(4 piece)
Fried fish cake 오뎅튀김 2,500Won(4 piece)
drinks such as coke 1,500Won
세트Menu 9,500Won
Basic information
Name Gwangalli Darijip
Address 30-13 Namcheon 1-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan
부산시 수영구 남천1동 30-13
Telephone 051-625-0130
business hours 12:00~21:00
Closed day The second Monday
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