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Breakfast Busan food Gwangalli Jaecheopguk

Halmae Jaecheopguk (Gwangalli)

A restaurant specializing in shellfish soup where you can have breakfast at Gwangalli Beach, known for its night view
Hello, there is Gwangandaegyo Bridge that crosses the coast of Gwangalli Beach, which is famous for the Busan Fireworks Festival every October. At Gwangalli Beach, popular restaurants, cafes, and shops where you can eat fresh sashimi are bustling with locals at night, making it Busan’s representative night view spot.

Inside the alley of Gwangalli Beach, there is a restaurant specializing in shellfish soup with delicious broth. The restaurant is located almost halfway between Geumryonsan Station and Gwangan Station on Busan Subway Line 2, so you have to walk a little from the subway station to Gwangalli Beach.

Open early in the morning, this restaurant is located in a famous tourist spot, so it is quite spacious inside, so not only families but also one person can use it comfortably.


The signature dishes are jaecheop soup and jaecheopbap, which is served with 7 side dishes, stewed mackerel, pumpkin leaves, rice, greens and vegetables in a jaecheop soup. It is eaten with rice in a bowl and mixed with jaecheop, and jaecheopguk is said to be good for haejang because of its light and refreshing taste.

<Jaecheopguk set meal 8,000 won>

Put rice in a bowl of bean sprouts, seaweed, shredded radish, and zucchini sprouts and mix them with red pepper paste.

<Jaecheop rice bowl 12.000 won>


There are plenty of vegetables such as cabbage, water parsley, and carrots, and corbicula sashimi, so if you mix it with rice, it will be a considerable amount. I recommend clam soup set menu for those who eat little.

Gwangalli Beach, a famous night view spot, is famous for sashimi. How about jaecheopguk for breakfast?

jaecheop rice bowl
Jaecheop Jin Guk
Jaecheop muchim
Basic information
Name Halmae Jaecheopguk (Gwangalli)
Address 198-1 Gwangan 2-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan
부산 수영구 광안2동 198-1
Telephone 051-751-7658
business hours 06:00~22:00
Closed day Lunar New Year and Chuseok holidays

How to go:It takes 10-15 minutes to walk from Geumryonsan Station or Gwangan Station on Busan Subway Line 2.

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