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Busan food Jokbal

Ongheya Bulbaek Jokbal Jeongsik

Hello, Pigs’ Feet Menu has appeared at Ongheya Bulbaek, a bulgogi over rice restaurant that you can enjoy at an affordable price.There is a regular jokbal set menu and spicy jokbal set menu here, so you can eat jokbal alone without any burden. Collagen-rich jokbal is in the spotlight as a well-being meat, and the spicy version of spicy jokbal made in a spicy special seasoning is also popular.

In addition, you can eat jokbal set menu at 6,000 won, which is discounted until the end of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Ongheya Bulbaek, a restaurant specializing in bulgogi over rice, has three restaurants in Nampo-dong, Busan. This place is located next to Seoul Samgyetang, a 5-minute walk from Nampo Station on Busan Subway Line 1.

Ongheya Bulbaek Jokbal Jeongsik

It’s full jokbal rich in collagen.There is also rice cake inside, so it is called Bulbaltteok set menu.

A spicy jokbal set with soybean paste soup and vegetables.

Coronavirus hand sanitizer is provided at the entrance of the restaurant and inside the store.

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