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Five-story Stone Pagoda of Neungbibong Peak

The Five-story Stone Pagoda of Neungbibong Peak in Gyeongju is known as a unified Silla-style stone pagoda with granite rocks at the top of Neungbibong Peak in Namsan, Gyeongju as the lower base of the stone pagoda and piled up finely processed stone.

The base of this stone pagoda is made by carving the natural rocks rising above Neungbibong Samgaksan Mountain, and the lack of stone in the base is made of unprocessed stone to form a base of natural and artificial half.

The stone of the massively broken stylobate goes well with the artificial body, and the natural stones of the bumpy stylobate blend well with the natural rocky mountains, making the stone pagoda look as if it were towering toward the sky. The Silla people in Gyeongju built a stone pagoda on the top of the mountain so that they could reach the sky.

The five-story stone pagoda of Neungbibong Peak is known as a Baekje stone pagoda with a wooden style rather than a typical Silla stone pagoda, and although it is not known when it was built, it is presumed to have been built by Baekje residents in the second half of Unified Silla.

NameFive-story Stone Pagoda of Neungbibong Peak
AddressNamsan Mountain in Gyeongju City
More informationthe second half of Unified Silla
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