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ケリム / 계림
It is a historic place where there is a legend that the founder of Gyeongju Kim Clan, Alji, was born.

Hello, Gyerim, just below Wolseong, where the old Silla royal palace was located, is a historic place with the birth story of Kim Al-ji, the founder of Gyeongju Kim Clan.

If you walk a little toward Wolseong along the arrow sign in front of Cheomseongdae, the oldest observatory in the East, located in Wolseong district of Gyeongju, there is a quiet forest with old trees such as zelkova trees on the right, which tells the story of Kim Al-ji’s birth.

There is a birth story related to chicken here in Gyerim. When Hogong was walking next to Banwolseong Fortress during the reign of King Talhae of Silla in 65, he heard the sound of a chicken in a forest called Sirim at the time and went to the side where he heard the sound of a chicken crying, and there was a shiny gold chest hanging on the tree.

Judging that it was no big deal to watch the rooster crowing toward the gold chest under the tree, he immediately reported to the king, and the king himself came down to the forest to lower the chest , and when he opened the lid, a pretty boy came out of it. So the name of the child is “Kim Al-ji” and the name of the forest was changed from Sirim to Gyerim.

Gyerim, which was also used as the national title of Silla, has a monument inscribed with the birth record of Kim Al-ji, which was built in the 3rd year of King Sunjo’s reign (1803).

Basic information
Name Gyerim
계림 鶏林
Address Gyodong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 교동
Telephone 054-779-6114
business hours None
Admission Fees None
etc Historic Site No. 18
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