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Gyeongju Wolseong

キョンジュウォルソン / 경주월성
Historic Site of the Silla Dynasty in Wolseong District, one of the historic sites of Gyeongju, a World Heritage Site.

Hello. The royal castle of the Silla period was built during the period of “Pasa Isageum” (110), the fifth king of Silla. It is also called “Ban wolseong” because the fortress is half-moon-shaped, and the 2,400-meter-long “Wolseong” made by mixing soil and stones is a small Silla-era castle using natural terrain surrounding the fortress with moats and rivers.

Except for the 20th generation of Silla “Jabi Maripgan” (475) and the 21st generation of Silla “Soji Maripgan” (487), which used Myeonghwal-sanseong Fortress as the royal castle of Silla, it was the royal fortress where King Silla lived until he surrendered to Goryeo in 935.

Wolseong is currently undergoing excavations, and the only building left in Wolseong is Seokbinggo, a small movable natural refrigerator made in the 18th century.


Wolseong under investigation

Gyeongju Wolseong
Gyeongju Wolseong

It is one of the five Gyeongju World Heritage Sites listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2010, and there are a wide range of Gyeongju World Heritage Sites such as Wolji, Gyeongju National Museum, Gyerim, Daereung Won Cheonmachong, Cheomseongdae, and Hwangnyongsa Temple.

Basic information
Name Gyeongju Wolseong  경주월성 慶州月城
Address 387-1, Inwang-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 인왕동 387-1
Admission Fees FRee
More information Banwolseong Historic Site No. 16 / Seokbinggo Treasure No. 66

How to go:It takes about 30 minutes on foot from Gyeongju Station or Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal. There is also a city bus, but on the way to Wolseong, various Silla cultural properties are scattered everywhere, so it is recommended to walk while enjoying the Silla ruins.

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