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Myeonghwasanseong Fortress

A stone fortress built in the early 5th century during the Silla Dynasty.

Hello, Myeonghwasanseong Fortress (Historic Site No. 47), located on the west side of the Bomun Tourist Complex, where there are many luxury hotels, is known as a fortress built in Myeonghwasan Mountain in the east of Gyeongju. The exact construction period is unknown, but according to Samguksagi, it is presumed to have been built before that, considering the record of Japanese attack on Myeonghwasanseong Fortress in the 4th year of King Silseong’s reign (405).

Myeonghwasanseong Fortress seems to have been built as Saturn at first and then rebuilt as a stone fortress before and after King Jinheung. The construction period of the stone fortress can be estimated from the Myeonghwasanseong Fortress Monument built in the 12th year of King Jinheung (551) found in the fortress.

In addition, the method of building a castle shows how to build a castle in the early Silla period using natural stones as it is, and the record that the castle was attacked by Japanese pirates in the 15th year of King Nulji shows that it was an important military base to protect the capital of Silla along with Seondosanseong Fortress and Namsanseong Fortress.

In the 16th year of Queen Seondeok (647), Bidam and Yeomjong, the government posts corresponding to the prime minister, revolted here, which was also conquered by General Kim Yu-shin. Currently, the collapsed walls have been repaired and restored, but traces of Saturn and Stone Stars can still be found everywhere.

Myeonghwasanseong Fortress
Myeonghwasanseong Fortress

Meanwhile, Myeonghwasanseong Fortress, along with Namsan District, Wolseong District, Daerungwon District, and Hwangnyongsa District, was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on December 2, 2000.

Basic information
Name Myeonghwasanseong Fortress
명활산성 明活山城
Address Bomun-dong, Cheongun-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
경상북도 경주시 천군동 보문동 일대
business hours None
Admission Fees None
etc Historic Site No. 47.
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