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Gwaeneung Royal Tomb

Gwaeneung Royal Tomb

Gwaeneung Royal Tomb
Gwaeneung Royal Tomb

Gwaeneung Royal Tomb, which is believed to be the tomb of the 38th King Wonseong of Silla, is said to have the best carving techniques among the existing Silla royal tombs, including eight stone statues standing side by side as if protecting the royal tomb.

Gwaeneung Royal Tomb, which means hanging a tomb, has a small pond in the place where the royal tomb was built, and it is said to have originated from the fact that a coffin was hung on a high place to make a tomb because water permeates inside the tomb.

On the wide lawn, two unmanned statues, two Moon statues, and four lion statues face each other, and the four lion statues with a powerful body only turn their heads in the direction of defending the east, west, north, and south, and their faces stand proudly with a smile.

Among them, the lion’s face, which turns toward Gwaeneung Royal Tomb and smiles with its left foot slightly raised as if suppressing the weak, shows the relaxation and strength of Silla, which unified the three kingdoms.

Basic information
Name Gwaeneung Royal Tomb
Address San 17, Gwaereung-ri, Oedong-eup, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 외동읍 괘릉리 산17번지
Telephone 054-779-6396
business hours [冬]08:00~17:00|[夏]08:00~18:00
指定 Historic Site No. 26
Admission Fees None

How to get there: Take bus number 600 at Gyeongju Station and Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Gwaeneung-ri.