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Hwangnyongsa Temple Site

Hello, Hwangnyongsa Temple was founded in the 14th year (553) of King Jinheung of Silla and lasted 700 years until it was destroyed by the Mongolian invasion in the 25th year (1238) of King Gojong of Goryeo. In particular, the Geumdong Samjon Jangryukjon Statue, which was cast in the 35th year of King Jinheung (574), and the nine-story wooden pagoda built in the 14th year of Queen Seondeok (645/Silla 27th year), are known as Silla Sambo along with King Jinpyeong’s Angel Okdae.

In 553 (14th year of King Jinheung’s reign/the 24th year of Silla), a new palace was built in the east of Wolseong (Silla Palace) in Gyeongju, but when a yellow dragon (Hwangryong) appeared there, he quit building a temple called Hwangnyongsa Temple.

In 574, the main Buddha, Geumdong Samjon Jangryukjon Statue, was built in 584 (6th year of King Jinpyeong/26th year of Silla), and in 645 (14th year of Queen Seondeok/27th year of Silla), Baekje craftsman Abiji was invited to complete the nine-story wooden pagoda.

The nine-story wooden pagoda was built with a strong faith in protecting the country by fire from nine countries surrounding Silla at the time (Japan, China, May, Takra, Eungyu, Malgal, Dankook, Yeomaek, ?maek).

Hwangnyongsa Temple Site
Hwangnyongsa Temple Site

Hwangnyongsa Temple Site, where only the temple site remains, was excavated from June 1976 to December 1983 under the supervision of the Cultural Heritage Research Institute. Hwangnyongsa Temple Site, which was built on top of the swamp, was a one-top one-geumdang-style Garam layout with a total area of about 20,000 pyeong, but after the Jangryukjonsang and wooden pagoda were built, a small Geumdang-style Garam layout was built on the left and right sides of the wooden pagoda.

Hwangnyongsa Temple Site is said to have excavated 40,000 artifacts, including a stone pedestal on the Geumdong Samjon Jangryukjon statue, a nine-story wooden pagoda, and eddy currents, containers, and metals from the Silla Dynasty to the Goryeo Dynasty.

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Name Hwangnyongsa Temple Site
Address 320-1, Guhwang-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do.
경상북도 경주시 구황동320-1
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Etc The 14th year of King Jinheung of Silla (553) (Historic Site No. 6/1963.01.21)