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Daereungwon (Cheonmachong)

Daereungwon, a representative tomb park of the Shilla period, boasting the largest scale in Korea

Daereungwon, located in Hwangnam-dong in downtown Gyeongju, is a representative tomb park in Gyeongju, where typical tombs of the 4th and 6th centuries Silla era are gathered, with round river stones the size of an adult’s head piled high on a wooden wall so that the stones do not fall down.


Daereungwon, designated as the Daereungwon District (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in Gyeongju Historic Site, includes the Cheonmachong, where 11,500 artifacts were excavated, and the tomb of King Michu, believed to be the tomb of the 13th king of the Silla Dynasty, and the east-west length is about 80m. , Hwangnamdaechong, which boasts the largest scale among tombs in Gyeongju with a height of 25m, and 23 tombs including queens, kings, and nobles of the Silla Dynasty are scattered on a flat area of ​​about 125,000 pyeong.

Tomb of King Michu, the tomb of the 13th king of Silla

Daereungwon (Cheonmachong)
Daereungwon (Cheonmachong)

In particular, Cheonmachong, where the inside of the tomb is the only one open to tourists, is blocked by a huge stone wall when entering the tomb. The stone wall in front of you is made so that you can see the cross-section of the tomb of Silla, and the Silla Geumgwan (National Treasure No. 188), Cheonmado (National Treasure No. 207), Golden Hat (National Treasure No. 189), Replicas such as Hwandudaedo are on display.

The name Cheonmachong was given by excavating a painting of a white horse flying in the sky on the bark of a birch tree. In the past, it was called Burial No. 155.


It is a tomb park where you can feel as if you have traveled back in time to the ancient Shilla era just by taking a walk among the tombs that are like low mountains.

Basic information
Name Cheonmachong
Address 89-2 Hwangnam-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
경상북도 경주시 황남동 89-2
Telephone 054-772-6317