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Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Rock-carved Buddhas

Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Rock-carved Buddhas
Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Rock-carved Buddhas

Buddhist art carved on a huge rock is beautiful

There are many Buddhist relics remaining in Namsan Mountain in Gyeongju, and Sacheonwangsa Temple Site is located on the left along National Road No. 7, which extends from downtown Gyeongju to Ulsan, and if you turn right from there, you can see Gyeongju Dongnamsan Mountain in front of you.

There are many wonderful relics in the mountains where you can feel the breath of the Silla Dynasty, and among them, if you find a small hermitage called Okryongam and follow a path where a car can barely pass, you will see Tapgok, known as one of the main parts of Dongnamsan Mountain.

There is a huge rock in Tapgok, which has a north side of 9 meters and a width of about 6 meters, forming cliffs on the east, north, and west sides, and a total of 34 pieces, including Buddha, Bodhisattva, and Tower, are carved like pictures on the four sides of Geoam. In particular, the nine-story pagoda and the seven-story pagoda are depicted as reliefs from east to west on the north side, which corresponds to the front of the rock, and are considered valuable materials to give a glimpse of the wooden pagoda of the Silla period.

If you go up the eastern slope, Nam-myeon is a flat hill, with a three-story stone pagoda, a three-story seated Buddha carved on a rock, and a round Bodhisattva statue about 2m high, and the left hand of the Bodhisattva statue stroked the abdomen, making it the object of the women’s faith. It is said that the name of the pagoda is derived from the three-story stone pagoda here or the pagoda carved thinly on the surface of the northern rock, and it is also called Sininsaji because a famous tile called Sininsa was found.

If you go down the western slope, where the wall is small, lotus flowers, dangcho, and trees are engraved on both sides, centering on the seated Buddha statue of the lotus statue, and a statue of Bichon is placed on top of it.

Although Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Rock-carved Buddhas was not created by contemporary figures, many Buddhist works are gathered in one place, so you can appreciate the beautiful Buddhist art of Namsan Bay in Gyeongju through this place.

Name Gyeongju Namsan Tapgok Rock-carved Buddhas(Shininsa-ji)
Address San 72, Baebae-dong, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

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