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Buyeo Neungsan Ancient Tombs / Baekje Royal Tombs

プヨ ヌンサンニ コブングン 부여 능산리 고분군
Buyeo Neungsan Ancient Tombs / Baekje Royal Tombs
Buyeo Neungsan Ancient Tombs / Baekje Royal Tombs

Hello, the Neungsan-ri Tomb in Buyeo is located about 3km east of downtown Buyeo and is a Baekje royal tomb outside Naseong, which was built to defend Baekje’s Sabidoseong Fortress from enemies.

After paying the admission fee, enter the main gate of the Neungsan-ri Tombs and walk to the right, and you will see the Neungsan-ri Tombs, where the Baekje royal family is sleeping in the Sabi period (538-660).

Neungsan-ri Tombs in Buyeo / Baekje Royal Tombs

Three tombs from the Baekje period are arranged in two rows in front and back at the foot of the southern slope of Neungsan-ri Mountain, and there is one on top, so there are seven remaining. Ancient Tomb No. 6 was investigated during the Japanese colonial era period, but No. 7 was discovered accidentally during renovation in 1971

As a result of the departure investigation, all of the Sabi tombs were found to be originally made of underground horizontal stone, and the second tomb is presumed to be the tomb of the 27th King of Baekje, who moved Baekje’s capital from Gongju to Buyeo.

If you walk to the left from the Neungsan-ri tomb, you will find the Neungsan-ri Temple, where you can easily see the remains excavated from Neungsan-ri, which is a record of Baekje Geumdong Daehyang-ro and Baekje’s 28th King Seongwang.

The exhibition hall contains various Baekje tombs and models of Neungsan-ri Temple Site.

Neungsan-ri Temple Site

Neungsan-ri Historic Site Model Exhibition Hall

Baekje Gilt-bronze Incense Burner(百濟金銅大香爐)

능산리사지 백제금동대향로

National Treasure No. 287 Baekje Geumdonghyangro was excavated on December 12, 1993 from a temple site in the Baekje period between Naseong and Neungsan-ri tombs surrounding Buyeo, Sabidoseong Fortress. It is 64cm high and 19cm in diameter, divided into the pedestal, body, and lid, and the dragon in the pedestal looks up to the sky and holds an incense burner. On the body of the incense burner, 24 lotus flowers are arranged in three stages, and phoenixes, fish, deer, and cranes are carved into each leaf, expressing the Buddhist worldview in which everything is born from lotus flowers as a lotus flower museum.

On the lid, 39 animals, including 74 peaks, which means Bongnaesan Mountain, imaginary animals, and five musicians playing flute, pipa, and drums, as well as 16 figures riding horses, elephants, or reading books are carved in relief.

At the top, when you stand in a powerful shape, spread your wings high in the sky, and burn incense through the body of the phoenix, which holds the female pearl with its beak and neck, smoke rises. Baekje Geumdong Grand Hyang-ro is regarded as a splendid work that artistically united the spirit world of the Baekje people around the 6th century.

Narsung of Baekje(百濟羅城)

Although there are not many ruins left from the Baekje period compared to Silla, visitors to the Neungsan-ri site here show the deep cultural exchange between Baekje, Goguryeo, and the ancient Chinese kingdom of Namjo.

Basic information
Name Buyeo Neungsan Ancient Tombs / Baekje Royal Tombs
부여능산리고분군 / 백제왕릉원
Address 16-2 Neungsan-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충남 부여군 부여읍 능산리 16-2
business hours March to October 9:00 to 18:00,
November to February from 9:00 to 17:00
Admission Fees Adult 1,000Won, Youth 600Won,
Child 400Won, Free for under 6 years old
etc UNESCO World Heritage Listed in 2015
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