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Buyeo National Museum

クンニップヨパンムルグァン / 국립부여박물관
Buyeo National Museum dates back to the Sabi Period of Baekje

Hello, the Buyeo National Museum, located about a kilometer from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal, moved the capital of Baekje from Woongjin, Gongju, Chungcheongnam-do, to Buyeo-gun in 538 and marked the Sabi era of Baekje for 122 years until Baekje fell in 660.

Excavation is still underway in downtown Buyeo, and you can see the colorful Baekje culture just discovered through the Buyeo National Museum. The Buyeo National Museum consists of four exhibition rooms and an outdoor exhibition hall.

<1rd exhibition room>
It is displayed so that you can see the prehistoric culture of Chungcheongnam-do from the Bronze Age to the Sabi period of Baekje.

<2rd exhibition room>
The historical culture of the Baekje period and the life culture of the Baekje Sabi period are introduced. Baekje Geumdong Daehyang-ro and Changwang Myeongseokjosa-ri, which were excavated from Neungsan-ri Temple Site adjacent to the Neungsan-ri Tomb in Buyeo, which are said to be representative relics of the Baekje period, are on display.

<3rd exhibition room>
At the entrance of Exhibition Hall 3, there is a statue of Seosan Rock-carved Buddha called the smile of Baekje.The exhibition is divided into Buddhist art, foreign exchange, Baekje architecture, and roof tiles that show the outstanding metal Buddhist art of the Baekje period. The standing of Geumdong Maitreya and the standing of Geumdong Gwanseum Bodhisattva show the refined sculptural beauty and the soft smile of the Baekje people at that time.

<Professor Park Man-sik’s donation room>
Professor Park Man-sik displays Baekje-era earthenware that he has collected for 30 years.

<Outdoor Exhibition Hall>
Buyeo Stone and Bogwangsa Temple’s Bogwang Zen Monument are on display.

Near the Buyeo National Museum, Jeongnimsa Temple and Jeongnimsa Temple Museum, which represent Baekje-era temples, are located, and you can enjoy the five-story stone pagoda of Jeongnimsa Temple, which gives a gentle feeling to Baekje.

Baekje relics scattered in downtown Buyeo are within walking distance of Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal. Lastly, why don’t you stop by Buyeo Museum to see Baekje-era art with delicate and simple beauty?

Basic information
Name Buyeo National Museum
Address Mt. 16-1, Dongnam-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 부여군 부여읍 동남리 산16-1
Telephone 041-833-8562
business hours Tuesday-Friday 10:00-18:00,
Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays 10:00-19:00 (entry within 1 hour)
Open until 21:00 on Saturdays from April to October
Open at night from April to October (every Saturday until 21:00)
Closed day Every Monday, January 1, Lunar New Year’s Day, Chuseok
Admission Fees Free

How to go:About 5 minutes by taxi from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal

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