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Buyeo Jeongnimsa Temple Site

Hello, Jeongnimsa Temple Site, located in the center of Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do, is a Baekje temple built during the Sabi period (538-660) when Baekje moved its capital to Buyeo.

Jeongnimsa Temple Site, along with Iksan Mireuksa Temple Site Stone Pagoda, is said to be the representative stone pagoda of the Baekje period, and there are 8.33m high Jeongnimsa Temple Site Five-story Stone Pagoda and a gabled roof wooden building and lotus pond built in 1993 to protect the seated stone Buddha of the Goryeo Dynasty.

Five-story Stone Pagoda at Jeongnimsa Temple Site

The five-story stone pagoda of Jeongnimsa Temple Site, which was built in the center of Buyeo to show off its elegant beauty, has a story about the collapse of Baekje. In 660, Baekje ended with the fall of Baekje Sabidoseong by the Nadang Allied Forces.

Five-story Stone Pagoda at Jeongnimsa Temple Site National Treasure No. 9
Jeongnimsa Temple Site

The Tang Dynasty’s armed Sojeongbang, who won the war, carved the word “large Baekje Monument” on the first floor of the pagoda to commemorate his victory over Baekje, and was called the Pyeongje Tower, meaning that the Tang Dynasty conquered Baekje.

Therefore, the name of the temple was proved to be Jeongnimsa Temple, which existed in the 19th year of King Hyeonjong’s reign (1028), and it is said that it was called the five-story stone pagoda at Jeongnimsa Temple.

Corridor of Jeongnimsa Temple Site using roof tiles as a base

Pond and Geumdangji dating back to the Baekje period

Jeongnimsa Temple in Buyeo has a one-tap-one-geumdang-style garam arrangement in which the central axis lies in a straight line from north to south, including the central gate, five-story stone pagoda, Geumdang, and auditorium, and the building corridor surrounds the building.

Treasure No. 108 of Seated Stone Buddha at Jeongnimsa Temple Site in the Goryeo Dynasty

Jeongnimsa Temple Site Museum

Right next to Jeongnimsa Temple Site, which opened in September 2006, there is a central hall, Baekje Buddhist Culture Center, a special exhibition room, and an outdoor exhibition hall, a lounge to relieve the fatigue of travel, and a space to purchase books and souvenirs related to Baekje. There is also Buyeo National Museum nearby, which you can explore on foot.

<Buyeo Jeongnimsa Temple Site>

Name Buyeo Jeongnimsa Temple Site
부여정림사지 扶余定林寺址
Address 254, Dongnam-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 부여군 부여읍 동남리 254
Telephone 041-832-2721
business hours <Bujeongnimsa Temple Site>
Summer (March-10) 9:00–18:00 / Winter (November–February) 10:00–17:00
Lunar New Year’s Chuseok holiday
Admission Fees Adult 1,500Won Youth 900Won Child 700Won

How to go:About 15 minutes on foot from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal to Jeongnimsa Temple Site (Neighborhood Buyeo National Museum)