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Naju City

Naju-si, a city that was once called a small Seoul. 

It is located in the south of Gwangju Metropolitan City in the midwest of Jeollanam-do, and the topography of Naju-si faces Geumseongsan Mountain (451m) to the north, Mudeungsan Mountain to the east, and Wolchulsan Mountain to the south, and the Yeongsangang River and Naju Plain, a granary.

And it is also a land of ancient history with a thousand years of history from Silla earthenware to Baekje tombs. The Yeongsangang River basin is famous for its Japanese-style tombs and front-sponsored tombs that can be found in Japan around the 5th century, and many historical relics such as Naju-eupseong Fortress during the Lee’s Joseon Dynasty remain.

At Naju Video Theme Park, the filming location of the drama Jumong, you can enjoy the Yeongsangang River and the surrounding natural scenery. Naju City’s specialty is Naju pear, and local foods include Naju Gomtang and Yeongsanpo Skate.