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Beach Gwangalli Tourist attractions

Gwangalli Beach

There are many nice cafes on the beach, and the Gwangalli Bridge viewed from the beach is beautiful!
Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli Beach is a beach located on the path from the center of Busan city to Haeundae and is the second most popular beach after Haeundae Beach.

The Busan Fireworks Festival held in October with the Gwangan Bridge in the background is famous, and it is also a beach crowded with local young people who come to enjoy the night view of Gwangan Bridge at night.

kilometers long and 120 million square meters wide. It is wider than Haeundae Beach, which has a mountain in between, and the depth is gentle.

Also, around the beach, there are restaurants such as coffee shops and bars along the coast, and Korea’s largest sashimi center, where you can eat cheap and delicious sashimi, as well as the Homers Hotel, a special second-class hotel, and water skiing. There are facilities to enjoy various marine sports such as jet skiing and window surfing, and it is always crowded with people regardless of the season.

Gwangalli Raw Fish Center

A nice cafe where you can drink coffee and draft beer slowly while looking at Gwangan Bridge.

There are also restaurants such as Busan City Tour Bus Platform, Delicious Bulgogi Street, and Bean Sprout Rice Soup.

The night view of Gwangan Bridge, which is said to be a million dollar night view, and the Busan Fireworks Festival held on the stage of Gwangan Bridge in October every year, has become a specialty of Busan.

Busan Fireworks Festival
Tourist attraction nameGwangalli Beach
Address192-20 Gwangan 2-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan
Beach Opening DateSubject to change on July 7 every year
Nearest stationGeumnyeonsan Station, Busan Subway Line 2

How to get there: Get off at Geumnyeonsan Station on Busan Metro (Subway) Line 2 and walk for about 5 minutes. Depart from Nampo-dong and take the seat bus No. 1003 bound for Haeundae via Busan Station.

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