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The most popular course of Busan Galmaet-gil is Haeundae Beach to Oryukdo Island.

The most popular course among Busan Galmaet-gil, which has emerged as a tourist attraction in Korea, was Haeundae Beach to Oryukdo Island's second course.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Government on the 4th, the current Galmaet-gil is 700 ri (278.8 km) in 21 sections of 9 courses, and 1,000 ri (400 km) will be completed by the end of next year.

According to the Busan Metropolitan Government's survey of 1,000 citizens over the past two months on "Citizen Satisfaction with the Use of Galmaet-gil", the most preferred Galmaet-gil is from Haeundae Beach to Dongbaek Island to Marine City It was found that it is a two-course route that runs from Gwangalli Beach to Oryukdo Island through Igidae.

It was followed by Jeolyeong Coastal Walkway (3 course) in Yeongdo-gu, Seongjigok Suwonji (7 course) in Busanjin-gu, and Nakjo-gil in Dadaepo, Saha-gu. In addition, 92.7% of Busan citizens said they "know" the Galmaet-gil, and 80.7% said they have "walked the Galmaet-gil." It was found that 72% said they were "satisfied with the seagull road," gaining popularity.

The reason for walking on Galmaet-gil was health (47.5%) and rest (33.5%). 66.7% of the respondents said that Galmaet-gil was more satisfactory than other walking tours. The reasonable distance for daily walking was 36km (49.4%), less than 3km (29.4%), and 69km (16.5 percent). Citizens also suggested opinions such as strengthening the promotion of seagull roads, a clean environment, and expanding convenience facilities.

Located on Chinatown Street in Dong-gu, in front of Busan Station, the Busan Trouble Lounge, which guides tourists to Galmaet-gil, is also receiving favorable reviews for its free luggage storage service and camera shooting experience practice.

The Busan Metropolitan Government recently launched a smartphone app called "Busan Galmaet-gil Walking Tour" so that users can accurately receive directions through "following" and use them in a fun and convenient way by checking walking statistics (time, speed, and distance).
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