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Busan Modern History Museum opened annex.

The Busan Metropolitan Government announced on the 3rd that it held an opening ceremony for the Busan Modern History Museum at the former Busan Modern History Museum and began full-scale operation.

The former Busan Modern History Museum was a Western-style building built in 1929 and was the Busan branch of Oriental Development Co., Ltd. during the Japanese colonial period.

It was used as an American cultural center for about 50 years after liberation, but was returned to Busan in 1999 and used as a modern history museum in Busan.

The Busan Metropolitan Government decided to create a new Busan Modern History Museum in connection with the former Busan Headquarters building of the Bank of Korea, and began renovating the former Busan Modern History Museum in March 2020.

On the first floor of the annex, more than 10,000 books and archive materials, including books related to modern and contemporary history in Busan, are provided, and on the second floor, an exhibition space and a book reading space are provided to see the history and structure of the building.

The main building of the Busan Modern History Museum, which is refurbishing the former Busan headquarters of the Bank of Korea, is scheduled to open later this year.
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