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Everything in Gaya, the Iron Kingdom. “Gaya Human Nature – Sword and String” Busan Museum.

Following the National Museum of Korea in Seoul, it is the “Gaya Human Nature – Sword and String” exhibition held at the Busan Museum. Originally, it was scheduled to be held from April 7, 2020, but the museum was closed due to the influence of COVID-19, opening from May 6 and the exhibition will continue until May 31. In this exhibition, 8 pieces of Gaya national treasures and treasures will be introduced.

Busan Museum
The exhibition of “Gaya Human Nature – Sword and String”, which displays Gaya relics, will be held at the Busan Museum from April 7 to May 31, 2020. Due to COVID-19, the number of visitors to the museum is limited per day, and it is operated on a reservation basis in advance.
Busan Museum
The main building of the Busan Museum
Busan Museum
Expectation of a cylindrical turtle decoration excavated from Tomb No. 11 in Bokcheon-dong, Busan (Treasure No. 2059)
Busan Museum
National Treasure No.138 Jeon Goryeong gold crown.
Busan Museum
Geumdonggwan (Treasure No. 2018) excavated from Tomb No. 32 in Jisan-dong, Goryeong-si.
Busan Museum
A group of iron armor pitches excavated from Tomb No. 38 in Bokcheon-dong, Busan (Treasure No. 2020)

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