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Busan Travel Map

Jagalchi Market

Busan, the second city in Korea, is full of vitality

Busan, the second city in Korea boasting a natural environment with a wonderful blend of blue mountains and blue sea, has many skyscrapers and the entire street is being modernized, including Haeundae Beach, Busan International Market, and Jagalchi Market, the largest fish market in Busan and visited by many tourists. , Nampo-dong, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of Busan nostalgic for when you were evacuated, Seomyeon, where you can enjoy food and shopping for young people, and Dongnae with temples and fortresses and hot spring facilities from the Joseon Dynasty. There is plenty to see.

In addition, every October, there are various festivals and events in each season, such as the ‘Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)’ held in Haeundae and Nampo-dong and the ‘Busan Fireworks Festival’ that colors the night sky of Busan splendidly.