Category - Busan food

Busan, which briefly served as a temporary Korean capital during the Korean War, which broke out in 1950, was further developed by refugees.

Among them, dishes such as pork soup and wheat noodles are still loved by Busan citizens. In addition, there are various food alleys where you can enjoy seafood such as stir-fried octopus, seafood soup, and grilled clams, as well as unique dishes such as pork ribs, pork belly, and grilled tripe.

Chan Restaurant

Hello, You can enjoy delicious Korean food at a reasonable price at Small Chan Sikdang, located near Chagalchi Market in Busan. We ordered the stir-fried octopus for two, and the accompanying water kimchi, stir-friedMore

Haeundae Ilpum Hanwoo

Hello, this is Haeundae Ilpum Hanwoo, a luxurious and popular bulgogi restaurant in Haeundae, Busan, which is on par with Haeundae’s famous cow ribs. It takes about 5 minutes on foot from Haeundae Station on BusanMore

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