Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Travel agency BUSANNAVI (hereinafter referred to as our company) values and strives to protect the privacy of users. We also comply with the privacy guidelines enacted by the Ministry of Information and Communication as well as the privacy regulations under the relevant laws and regulations that Korean information and communication service providers must comply with. We will announce what purpose the personal information provided by users is used and what measures are being taken to protect their personal information.

1. Consent to the collection of personal information.

We consider that the user has agreed to collect personal information by providing a way to choose “Agreement” or “Cancellation”, and clicking the “Agreed” button.

2. Purpose of collecting or using personal information.

“Personal information” refers to information that can identify the individual, such as name, address, and contact information. Most of our services can be used at any time without membership, but we collect personal information from users to provide improved quality services through membership services.

We do not disclose the user’s personal information without the user’s prior consent, and the collected information is used as follows.

1) When developing new services or expanding contents, we can prioritize services based on personal information provided by existing users to the company, and reasonably select and provide content that users need.

2) Most of the information and services we provide are free of charge. In order to provide these free services, we publish advertisements and select advertisements with appropriate content based on the user’s personal information. We only publish advertisements according to the type of users, and we never disclose and provide users’ personal information to advertisers and business partners.

3) The purpose of collection by information is as follows.

Identification of the identity based on the name, ID, and password service.
Secure smooth communication paths such as e-mail address, telephone number, delivery of notices, confirmation of personal intentions, and contact information when guiding special information such as new services.
Other options Data for providing services tailored to individual needs.

3. Period of retention and use of personal information collected by the Company

While users are using the service as our members, the company holds the user’s personal information. However, if the member himself/herself withdraws or modifies it and requests withdrawal, it will be completely removed and treated as unreadable or unavailable.

In addition, personal information entered for temporary purposes (survey, event, etc.) will be processed in the same way as post-renewable after the purpose is achieved. However, in the case below, the member information is kept. And if necessary in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, the company keeps membership information for a certain period of time.

5 years of record on withdrawal of a contract or pledge, etc.
Records of user complaints or disputes for 3 years.

4. Share or provide personal information collected by the Company.

We use the user’s personal information within the scope notified in “2 Purpose or Purpose of Use of Personal Information” and do not use it beyond the same range or disclose it to the outside without the user’s prior consent. However, exceptions are made in the following cases.

1) In the case where the users have agreed to disclose it in advance,
2) If necessary for the settlement of charges,
3) In a case where there is sufficient evidence to judge that personal information to harm others and take legal action against it should be disclosed.
4) In the case of requesting disclosure from a state agency with legitimate authority (e.g., at the request of the government/investigation agency, etc.).
5) In the case where an individual cannot be identified for statistics preparation, academic research, or market research, it is provided to advertisers, cooperative projects, research organizations, etc.
6) In a case where the company discloses it to the extent necessary for the consignee in order to perform the service desired by the member.

In addition, we can share users’ personal information to develop new technologies or provide better services. Even in this case, information is not collected or shared unless users agree by announcing and seeking consent from who the institution or organization to share personal information to users, why information is needed, and how long it is protected and managed.

5. User’s own management measures.

Users can view, modify, and withdraw their registered personal information at any time. The Company shall process personal information withdrawn or deleted at the request of the user as specified in the “Three Periods of Retention and Use of Personal Information collected by the Company” and shall not be viewed and used for other purposes.

6. Technical measures for safety.

Users’ personal information is thoroughly protected by passwords. Users should not let people know their passwords because they can only check and change their personal information. In particular, if you share your PC with others or use it in public places (company, school, library, Internet cafe, etc.), it is recommended to log out and exit the web browser after use.

We are taking measures to prevent the loss or damage of members’ personal information due to hacking or Internet viruses. Data is frequently backed up, and the latest programs are used to prevent leakage or damage of users’ personal information or data, and to ensure safe transmission on the network through cryptographic algorithms. And we are controlling unauthorized access on the web using an entry blocking system and trying to secure stability in other systems.

The handling of our personal information is limited to those in charge, and we always emphasize compliance with our personal information protection policies through occasional training for those in charge, correct them immediately, and try to resolve them immediately if any problems are found.

7. About Cookie.

When using the Site, our service can send information called “Cookie” to your computer, and the information is stored in your hard disk (HD) or memory. ? Cookies are intended to provide better service to users, and do not undermine their privacy or environment? Users can stop functioning as cookies by changing settings.In this case, some services may not be available, so please be careful.

1) Google/Yahoo Japan’s ad posting about cookies
Our service uses cookies to collect user’s history of visiting the site using Google/Yahoo Japan’s advertising service system. This cookie is used only for advertising purposes and is not used for other purposes. Also, there is no information that identifies or identifies you. Also, users’ responsibility can stop the cookie function. For more information on each stop, refer to the Google page and Yahoo! Japan’s page, respectively.

2) About Google Logistics,
Our service uses Google Analysis to understand the user’s use of the Site. Google Analytics collects user information anonymously using cookies to aggregate web site trend data without specifying individual users.

8. Matters concerning collecting opinions or handling complaints related to personal information.

We are collecting opinions from users. Users can report complaints to the person in charge of personal information management specified below, and we will respond quickly.

9. Contact number of the person in charge of personal information management.

BusanNavi Co., Ltd. 051-255-9705


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