Category - Dadaepo, Hadan

Dadaepo and Hadan, located in the southwest of Busan.

Located on the eastern coast of the Nakdonggang River, Dadaepo/Hadan is known as a residential area developed since the 1970s and an industrial area with many manufacturers.

At the mouth of the Nakdonggang River, which meets Korea’s longest Nakdonggang River and the southern sea west of Busan, there is Eulsukdo Migratory Bird Park, designated as Natural Monument No. 179, and there is the Nakdonggang Estuary Eco Center where you can see many migratory birds.

If you go south of the mouth of the Nakdonggang River, there is also Dadaepo Beach, which is famous in Korea for its relatively gentle depth and soft, tactile white sand.

In addition, Busan, viewed from Busan Port, is impressive to see a row of houses on the hillside, and this unique Saha-gu Gamcheon-dong village is still preserved more than 50 years after the Korean War, and is emerging as a new tourist attraction in Busan visited by photographers, tourists, and artists.

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