Category - Beomil-dong, Jwacheon-dong

This is Beomil-dong area located at the second subway station toward Nampo-dong from Seomyeon Station where Busan Subway Lines 1 and 2 intersect.

There are shopping areas such as Hyundai Department Store, precious metal streets lined with precious metal wholesalers, Busanjin Market, Pyeonghwa Market, and Jayu Market, which handle clothing, shoes, hats, and household goods, centering on Beomil Subway Station.

Until the 1960s, Chosun Textile Co., Ltd. and Intercity Bus Terminal were located here and served as the center of the Busan economy. Song bars, restaurants, wholesale markets, and bars are concentrated, so it still has a borderline atmosphere. There are filming locations such as an international hotel where the movie Friends, starring Jang Dong-gun, was filmed, and Gopchang Alley in Munhyeon-dong, where the 1970s appearance of the port city of Busan remains intact.

In addition, there is Jaesung Jaseong Grand Park, which is used as a resting place for Busan citizens, and there is the Joseon Tongsinsa History Museum, which looks back on the achievements of Joseon Tongsinsa, which has been in charge of cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan since the 16th century.

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