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If you get off the Gyeongju Intercity Bus Terminal and walk a little to downtown Gyeongju, you will see large Silla tombs. There are many ancient Silla-era royal families and aristocrats who stand upright as if they occupied downtown Gyeongju.

There are 23 large and small tombs, including Cheonmachong, a tourist attraction in Gyeongju, and Nodong-ri and Noseo-ri tombs, and there are seven Silla historic sites around them.

①Royal Tomb of King Shilla Chu (Historic Site 175).
②Hwangnam-ri Ancient Tombs in Gyeongju (40 historical sites)
③Go Ancient Tombs in Gyeongju (39 historical sites).
④Shilla Oreung (Historic Site 172)
⑤Gyeongju Eastern Historic Site (Historic Site 161).
⑥Dongri Ancient Tombs in Gyeongju (38th year of history).
⑦There is a rematch (private 246) etc.

The Daerungwon district is a treasure trove of Silla cultural properties excavated from the Silla period, including six gold crowns, Cheonmado Island, glass glasses, and various Silla earthenware.