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Ijo Seolleongtang

Ijo Seolleongtang

A restaurant with delicious thick beef broth located next to KTX Busan Station

Hello, this is Ijo Seolleongtang near Busan Station, the KTX terminus of the Korean high-speed rail linking Seoul and northern Busan by high-speed rail.

Located a 5-minute walk from KTX Busan Station, Ijo Seolleongtang is open from early in the morning until late at night, making it a very convenient restaurant for travelers visiting Busan via the high-speed rail.

Ijo Seolleongtang is a restaurant where you can taste the nutritious thick soup made from beef bones. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy rich soup made by boiling beef bones for a long time, such as Gomtang, Galbi-tang, and Dogani-tang, as well as seolleongtang, which is well-known overseas.

Main menuUnit won
Beef-bone soup곰탕10,000
Ox knee soup무릎 도가니탕20,000
Ox-tail Soup
kkori gomtang
Ox-tail and Ox knee soup꼬리+도가니탕27,000
Spicy Beef Sou
Short Rib Soup
Ox-tail Soup한우양지곰탕16,000
Abalone and Short Rib Soup전복갈비탕20,000
Address7-3 Jungang-daero 226beon-gil, Dong-gu, Busan
부산광역시 동구 중앙대로226번길 7-3
Opening hours6:00~24:00
HolidayOpen 365 days a year

How to get there
It takes about 5 minutes to walk right behind KTX Busan Station