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Gijang Market

Gijang_Sijang 기장시장
Gijang Market
Gijang Market
There is a snow crab street where snow crabs are delicious in Gijang Market full of fresh and high-quality wild vegetables and seafood.

If you drive for about 50 minutes from downtown Busan by car, you will find Gijang-gun, where anchovies, hairtail, and seaweed are specialties, and there is Gijang Market, a traditional market where fresh seafood and wild vegetables caught off the coast of Gijang-gun are gathered.

Gijang Market started as Gijang 5-day market in 1944, but as Gijang-gun was incorporated into Busan-si in 1995, urbanization progressed and Gijang 5-day market developed into a permanent market.

Gijang Market, a seafood market full of fresh seafood, is also sold at a low price with abundant seafood caught off the coast of Gijang Market, such as Gijang Miyeok, Daebyeon Anchovy, and hairtail and cuttlefish, especially in winter.

If you walk a little through the alley of Gijang Market, where the roof is made of tents, you will find a snow crab street. The aluminum steamer for steaming snow crabs, which is still wriggling next to the aquarium containing snow crabs, seems to have warm steam and the fragrant smell of snow crabs overwhelms the entire Gijang market.

The price of snow crabs is 35,000 won to 60,000 won per kilogram, which is traded at a relatively low price.It is said that they purchase Russian and Bukhansan snow crabs directly in large quantities without going through intermediate wholesalers and supply delicious snow crabs to consumers at low prices.

Gijang Snow Crab’s full and plump crab meat, which you can taste at this time when the cold wind blows, is known to be in season, has a soft and soft chewing texture and is sweet in a rich taste. It’s a time when you can enjoy the sweet taste and strong scent of snow crab.

Everyone! Raw fish and pork rice soup are good when you come to Busan, but why don’t you visit Gijang, located in the northeast of Busan, and taste the delicious king crabs from Gijang Market?

If you go out of Exit 11 of Nampo-dong Subway Station in Busan, you will find the seat bus platform 1003 (15-20 minutes apart).

Basic information
Name Gijang Sijang
Address Daerari, Gijang-eup, Gijang-gun, Busan
부산시 기장군 기장읍 대라리
business hours 9 to 19 o’clock
Closed day Open 365 days a year
etc Updated 2013.02.02 Closed day, etc.

To get there, take express bus number 1003.
The main route of express bus No. 1003 → Pusan National University Hospital, Nampo-dong, Busan Station, Beomil-dong Jaseongdae University, Kyungsung University, Haeundae Beach, Songjeong Beach, Gijang Market.
Or, you can get off at Gijang Station using the Donghae Line railroad at Bujeon Station near Seomyeon.

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