Changwon City (Jinhae/Masan)

Changwon City, located near Busan, borders Gimhae City in the east, Haman-gun in the west, and Miryang City in the north. In 2010, Changwon City, Masan City, and Jinhae City were integrated to create Shinchangwon City.

Changwon City is Korea’s first planned city, and Changwon-daero, which stretches through the center of Changwon City, consists of residential areas in the north and industrial complexes in the south.

Jinhae-gu, Changwon City, is a military port where the former Japanese naval base was located. From then on, cherry blossom trees began to be planted not only in naval bases but also throughout Jinhae, and the cherry blossom paths planted at that time now became a symbol of Jinhae.

The Jinhae Gunhang Festival, which is held every year from April 1 to 10, temporarily opens a naval base famous for cherry blossom paths made of old and thick cherry trees, offers boarding experiences such as naval warships and turtle ships, and is the largest cherry blossom spot in Korea.

Jinhae is also famous for filming dramas. MBS drama Romance, SBS drama On Air, KBS drama Spring Waltz, and SBS drama Snow in August have been filmed, and many fans in Japan are also visiting Jinhae to see cherry blossoms.