Gwangju Metropolitan City

Gwangju Metropolitan City is the center of Jeollanam-do and has long been called the town of light and the city of light. The population is about 1.47 million, the center of the Honam region, and there are government offices and headquarters and branches of various companies in charge of Gwangju and Jeolla region.

The Gwangju Biennale (International Art Exhibition held every two years), a festival of art, is famous for its “city symbolizing democracy and human rights,” symbolized by the 518 Gwangju residents’ coinage movement and democratization movement, and has long produced many writers, scholars, and artists.

Gwangju Airport, Railway, KTX, and Express Bus Terminal make it easy to access both sides of Seoul and Busan, and the number of tourists visiting the southwestern part of Jeolla Province based in Gwangju continues to increase.

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