Jinju City - BUSANNAVI

Jinju City

Jinju City, where fierce battles took place during the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

Located in the southwest of Gyeongsangnam-do, it has historically developed into a key point in southern Korea. Jirisan Mountain is located to the west of Jinju-si, where clear water flows through Jinyangho Lake into the Namgang River that crosses the downtown of Jinju-si. Pearl silk, a specialty produced using this water, accounts for 80% of domestic production.

There is Jinyangho Lake, an artificial lake, and you can see a beautiful lake boasting a beautiful natural environment from the observatory.  The Namgang River, which flows from the lake to the center of the city, has several bridges, each illuminated at night and beautifully reflected on the river flowing with beautiful light. In this river, a lantern festival called Jinju Namgang International Yudeung Festival is held every October.

And Jinjuseong Fortress is located on the riverside. This place is famous as a battlefield for the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and there are many remains of that time. In addition, Wolasan Mountain, located in the east of Jinju-si, is relatively low at 482m above sea level, so it is loved as a resting place for Jinju citizens because you can return to the top in half a day. Cheonggoksa Temple, west of the mountain, is also famous.

Jinju’s local food is famous for its Jinju bibimbap, and unlike ordinary bibimbap, it has beef tartare.