Mokpo City

Mokpo City, located about 80km southwest of Gwangju Metropolitan City, is surrounded by mountains such as Ipamsan Mountain (121m) to the east, Yudalsan Mountain (228m) to the west, and Abulsan Mountain (156m) to the north, and faces the mouth of the Yeongsangang River to the south.

There are five local foods that Mokpo City boasts, including Heuksando Island’s specialty Sliced Raw Skate, boiled pork, and old kimchi, Hongtaksamhap, croaker sashimi, Sliced Raw Octopus, seasoned blue crab meat, and braised cutlassfish. And since it is a port city, raw fish is also popular, and there are many raw fish restaurants in Bukhang Port in Mokpo.

Mokpo Station, which is also the terminal station of the Honam Line (Daejeon Mokpo), which opened in January 1914, still functions to this day, and the Korea Express Railway KTX, which connects Yongsan Station in Seoul to Mokpo City, opened on April 1, 2004.

Yudalsan Mountain, 228 meters high in the center of Mokpo, is a symbol of Mokpo City and has tourist attractions such as Gatbawi Rock, one of the eight scenic spots in Mokpo.

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