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Busan Bus Terminal

busan-jonghap-beoseu-teomineol / 부산종합버스터미널
Express and intercity bus terminals connecting eastern Busan and northern Busan, including Seoul

Busan Bus Terminal was created as ‘Busan Bus Terminal’ in September 2001 by integrating Dongbu Intercity Bus Terminal and Busan Express Bus Terminal, and is located at Nopo Station on Busan Metro Line 1.

If you enter the bus terminal from Nopo Station of Busan Metro, there is a ticket office on the right, and you can buy express bus tickets on the right and intercity bus tickets on the left. The ticket counter varies depending on the destination, so please check the destination first and buy a ticket.

And the bus stop is one floor below the ticket office. If you go down the stairs, you will see the express bus stop, and there is an intercity bus stop past the express bus stop.

Busan Bus Terminal

There is a blue sign with a destination on the express bus stop, and a white sign on the intercity bus stop, so please check the destination on your ticket before boarding.

Basic information
Name Busan Bus Terminal
Address 2238 Jungang-daero, Geumjeong-gu, Busan
부산시 금정구 중앙대로2238
Telephone 051−1577-9967
Site https://www.bustago.or.kr/newweb/jp/index.do
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