Gwangandaegyo Bridge

Gwangandaegyo Bridge, the largest bridge in Korea with a total length of 742 meters, has been completed over eight years since construction in 1994.

There is a saying that Japanese companies also cooperated in the construction of Gwangandaegyo Bridge. Wouldn’t there be a lot of Japanese people who remember seeing this bridge? That’s right, it’s a bridge that looks exactly like Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba, Tokyo.

It is 798 meters in size, and Gwangandaegyo Bridge has become a representative tourist attraction in Busan with its opening in 2002. Gwangandaegyo Bridge, which helps ease the congestion of transportation for ordinary people in Busan, is located off the coast of Gwangalli Beach, which leads to Haeundae Beach and Songdo Beach, the three major beaches in Busan.

From above the bridge, you can see Oryukdo Island, one of the tourist attractions in Busan that spread out like a green onion, and it provides the best freshness, especially when driving from Haeundae to Busan Station.The view from the bridge is the best, but it’s also good to see Gwangandaegyo Bridge at night at a wonderful cafe located at Gwangalli Beach!!

It’s also good to drink soju and eat raw fish at the sashimi center adjacent to Gwangalli Beach! The way to enjoy it is freely

And you can enjoy the lively summer beach at Gwangalli Beach, but during the off-season, you can also relieve your travel fatigue on the quiet sea beach. Wouldn’t it be attractive to be able to enjoy all four seasons?

NameGwangandaegyo Bridge
Address Namcheon-dong, Suyeong-gu, Busan, and U-dong, Haeundae-gu, Busan.
부산광역시 수영구 남천동·해운대구 우동

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