Yeongdo, Taejongdae Park - BUSANNAVI

Yeongdo, Taejongdae Park

부산영도 흰여울문화마을
부산영도 흰여울문화마을

Yeongdo, connected by two bridges, including Yeongdo Bridge, from Nampo-dong, Busan.

The entire island is connected by two bridges in Nampo-dong, where Jagalchi Market and Gukje Market are located in Yeongdo-gu.Taejongdae Park and Taejongdae Park, which have beautiful natural scenery in harmony with the blue sea named after the 29th King Taejongmuyeol of Silla, are one of the scenic spots in Busan and you can see Tsushima Island in Japan if the weather is good.

In addition, near Taejongdae Park, there are large Taejongdae Hot Springs, the Busan National Maritime Museum, which opened in July 2012, and Yeongdo International Cruise Terminal, where large luxury cruise ships can enter.