Category - Bulguksa Area

World Heritage Site Bulguksa Temple Area.

As part of Gyeongju National Park, Tohamsan Mountain, the highest peak of 745 meters in Gyeongju City, which was called Oak Dongak in the Silla Dynasty, has been regarded as sacred to the Silla people as an old Hogukyeongsan Mountain.

Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram Hermitage, which have been designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites, are scattered in the Bulguksa Temple area centered on Tohamsan Mountain.

In the Bulguksa Temple area, Seokguram Hermitage, built in a place with beautiful sunrise over the horizon of the East Sea, is located in the middle of Tohamsan Mountain, and at the foot of the mountain is Bulguksa Temple, which expresses the Buddha’s world of enlightenment in a world of anguish.

In addition, there are many cultural relics such as Gwaereung, which is considered to be the best among Silla tombs, and Gamsansa Temple, where the date of the temple’s construction precedes Bulguksa Temple.

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