Janghang-ri Temple site

Janghang-ri Temple site

A temple in the upper valley of Daejongcheon Stream from Tohamsan Mountain, where Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram are located, to the East Sea

Hello. In the southeast valley of Tohamsan Mountain, where Bulguksa Temple and Seokguram, representing Gyeongju, are located, there is Janghang-ri Temple Site (Historic Site No. 45) in Gyeongju during the Unified Silla Period.

Janghang-ri Temple Site is located in a valley located in the upper stream of Daejongcheon Stream, and Daejongcheon Stream flows to the East Sea, where the tomb of King Munmu (No. 158) is located, through Gamgeunsa Temple Site (31). The temple’s construction period and mission are not passed down, but it is called Janghang-ri Temple Site after Janghang-ri Village.


West Tower of Five-story Stone Pagoda in Janghang-ri, Gyeongju, 9m tall, National Treasure No. 236

Two-tiered stone Buddha pedestal

At the temple site, the West Pagoda of the Five-story Stone Pagoda in Janghang-ri, Gyeongju, designated as National Treasure No. 236, and the stone materials of the destroyed East Pagoda and the stone Buddha pedestal remain. The stone Buddha pedestal of the building that appears to be a golden hall is two-tiered. The lower octagonal carved kidney is carved and the upper part has a circular pedestal carved with lotus flowers. Several stone statues of Buddha, which appear to have been placed on this pedestal, have been restored and are currently displayed in the garden of the Gyeongju National Museum.


East Pagoda

The pagoda was reconstructed and rebuilt during the Japanese colonial period when robbers blew up to steal the treasure inside the stone pagoda, and the pagoda collected objects scattered in the valley next to the pagoda.

Janghang-ri Temple Site in Gyeongju built a twin tower using a narrow valley space and placed a gold hall behind it. Although it is considered to be a typical stone pagoda of the Unified Silla Period, the remains of the auditorium and corridor have not yet been identified.

Basic information
Name Janghang-ri Temple site
Address 1081, Janghang-ri, Yangbuk-myeon, Gyeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
慶尚北道 慶州市 陽北面 獐項里 1081
경상북도 경주시 양북면 장항리 1081
More information Historic Site No. 45 Five-story Stone Pagoda in Janghang-ri,
Gyeongju National Treasure No. 236

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