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Daegu Metropolitan City, a transportation hub located in the south of Gyeongsangbuk-do, is the third largest city in Korea after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon. Daegu City has KTX Station on the Korea High Speed Railway in addition to Daegu Airport, so access from Seoul and Busan is convenient.

In downtown Daegu, there is Yakryeong Market, which sells famous herbal medicine ingredients since the Joseon Dynasty, the largest in Korea. Geographically, the summer and winter climate is clear because it is a basin surrounded by mountains. Because of these climatic conditions, it is also famous as a famous apple producing area.

Palgongsan Mountain, which surrounds Daegu City in the north, has long been known as Yeongsan Mountain, and has many temples, including Donghwasa Temple, and has been loved as a resting place for Daegu citizens.

Major attractions: Haeinsa Temple / Daegu Yakryeong City / Daegu Tower / Palgongsan Mountain
Food: Pork intestines/Apple
Transportation: Dongdaegu KTX Station, Daegu Dongbu Station