Category - Jeonju City

Jeonju City has a provincial office in the central region of Jeollabuk-do. Jeolla-do originated from Jeonju and Naju. There is KTX Jeonju Station on the Korea Express Railway, and airport buses to Jeonju Express Bus Terminal, Jeonju Intercity Bus Terminal, and Incheon International Airport are in operation. Jeonju’s famous restaurants include Jeonju Bibimbap, bean sprout soup, and Jeonju Samcheon-dong Makgeolli Town.

Some attractions include Jeonju Hanok Village and Gyeonggijeon Hall, which retain the history of the Lee clan, and Maisan Mountain, which was named because it looked like a horse’s ear, is located in the east of Jeonju.

The Jeolla Line KTX train departing from Yongsan Station in Seoul runs five times a day and takes about two hours and 10 minutes.

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