Category - Suncheon City

Suncheon City, known as a rich and vibrant center of culture, art, education, and transportation in Jeollanam-do, has temples and historic sites where Korean traditional culture such as Songgwangsa Temple, Seonamsa Temple, Nakan-eupseong Folk Village, and Dolmen Park, and Jogyesan Mountain, which is about 30km away from Suncheon City.

And there is Suncheonman Bay Natural Ecological Park, famous for its wonderful winter migratory bird arrival at sunrise and sunset in the reed field.

You can also enjoy Namdo food representing Korean food culture, such as cockle and salted fish in Beolgyo near Suncheon, and temple food such as seasoned wild vegetables at the restaurants at the entrance of Songgwangsa Temple and Seonamsa Temple.

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