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Shindonga Seafood Market

Jagalchi Market
Shindonga Seafood Market
Shindonga Seafood Market, where you can see fresh fish and shellfish and taste fresh sashimi.

Hello, don’t you want to eat fresh seafood when you come to Busan where seagulls fly? As Busan is a port adjacent to the sea, there are several areas where you can enjoy seafood, and among them, Jagalchi Market, one of the popular tourist attractions in Busan, is not far from Busan Station and Busan Port International Passenger Terminal.

Jagalchi Market, which is always crowded with shoppers and tourists, has two large buildings where you can taste delicious sashimi, one of which is the 6-story Shindonga Seafood Market on the side of the road where city buses run.

Entering the first floor of Shindonga Fisheries Market, there are many small tanks and tables full of fresh fish that seem to have just caught fish in the sea, and you can feel the lively atmosphere unique to the port city just by walking between merchants and fish tanks.

And you can pick fish such as flatfish, rockfish, octopus, sea squirt, crab, abalone, and conch that have been entertained with your eyes and cut them right away on the spot and eat raw fish on the spot. If you order food such as meals and spicy fish stew, you can eat it on the 3rd floor of this building, not on the 1st floor, but if you eat fish purchased on the 1st floor on the 3rd floor, it will cost 4,000 Won in digits.

The sashimi place on the first floor.

Dried fish market on the 2nd floor.

The sushi restaurant on the 3rd floor and the restaurant on the 1st basement floor.

On the second floor, there is a dried fish market with dense dried fish shops. There are surprisingly few types of seaweed, but there are many snacks that can be a side dish for drinking, such as squid, kelp, seaweed, dried fruits, dried skate, and dried fish. There is also a post office at the entrance to the second floor, so you can easily send your purchase by mail.

On the first basement floor, there is a restaurant with a common atmosphere.

Jagalchi Market, facing Gukje Market with a large road through which Busan Subway Line 1 passes, offers a powerful tour of Busan Port.

3F sashimi restaurant.
2F dried fish market.
1F sashimi restaurant.
Underground 1F, a restaurant for common people’s restaurant…

 Basic information
 Name Shindonga Seafood Market
 Telephone  051-246-7500
 business hours  6am to 9pm
Closed day The 2nd, 4th Tuesday of every month, Lunar New Year, Chuseok, and the next day are holidays.

How to go:If you come out of Exit 10 of Jagalchi Station on Subway Line 1, you will find Nonghyup Hanaro Mart, and if you go around the left corner where you meet for the first time, you will find a one-way street where the route bus runs. The big building on the right is Shindonga Seafood Market.

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