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Jagalchi Market Seonji Alley

Hello, in the alley behind the Jagalchi Shindonga Seafood Market in Nampo-dong, Busan, there are shops selling fish, grilled fish, and grilled eels, and there is Seonji Alley where you can eat them at a low priceMore

Jagalchi Market Singyeongbuk Store

If you go to the lively Jagalchi Market in Busan, you can eat fresh raw fish. Among them, there is a restaurant where you can taste snow crab, butter-grilled abalone, grilled eel, and lobster as a course meal. If youMore

The Jagalchi branch of Goraesa eomuk

コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 コレサオムッ チャガルチ店 어뮥2,000 Won~ Name고래사어묵 자갈치점 Address부산광역시 중구 자갈치로37번길 4 Telephone 051-248-4808 Closed dayOpen yearMore

Nampo-dong Dried Fish Wholesale Market

Dried fish market where the old port city of Busan remains intact Dried Fish Wholesale Market (Dried Fish Market) is located right in front of Nampo Station on Busan Subway Line 1, and there is Jagalchi MarketMore

Nampo-dong beef tripe alley

Grilled lamb intestines in Nampo-dong, which smells sweet and chewy. The savory smell of grilling lamb intestines rises in the people sitting in a circle while talking to each other. The sound of cheers when a glassMore

Gimhae Sikdang

자갈치 시장에 있는 ‘아구’ 전문점 항구도시 부산은 해산물로 유명합니다. 특히 부산관광 명소 중 하나로 늘 신선한 해산물을 구하러 오는 상인들과 관광객들로 북적이는 부산 최대의 자갈치시장에는 신선한 해산물이 많아 시장을 오가는 사람들의 발길을 붙잡습니다. 그런 자갈치시장 안에 담백하고 쫄깃한 ‘아구’를 식재료로 하는 ‘아구’More

BIFF Square street stall food

hello. Nampo-dong, one of Busan’s most popular tourist destinations, is home to Gukje market, Jagalchi market, and Bupyeong Canton Market, and is densely populated with shopping and dining options. In particularMore

Jagalchi Market

Hello, if you walk along the coast, led by the sea breeze of Busan Port, the second largest city in Korea, you will find Jagalchi Market, a huge fish market created after the Korean War. Jagalchi Market is a fish marketMore

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