Dongmyeong Kalguksu

Dongmyeong Kalguksu

Hello, around 2 p.m., Gukje market’s cart alley is full of cart bars, and if you walk through the crowded alley, you will find Dongmyeong Kalguksu restaurant, a kalguksu restaurant.

The main menu includes regular kalguksu, Spicy kalguksu, and Kimchi kalguksu. Would you like to enjoy the shopping heaven of Gukje market while eating delicious kalguksu at Gukje market?

Sujebi and Kimchi kalguksu

Gukje market 동명kalguksu 칼국수
Gukje market street stall alley

Kalguksu kalguksu 칼국수  4,500Won
Bajirak Kalguksu 바지락kalguksu 칼국수  6,000Won
Spicy kalguksu 비빔kalguksu 칼국수  5,500Won
Kimchi kalguksu 김치kalguksu 칼국수  6,000Won
Hand-made sujebi 손수제비  5,000Won
Jjolmyeon 쫄면  5,000Won
Mandu baekban 만두백반  5,000Won
steamed meat dumplings 고기찐만두  5,000Won
Kimbab 김밥  2,500Won
A bowl of rice 공기밥  1,000Won
Cold bean kalguksu 냉콩kalguksu 칼국수 (여름)  6,000Won
Cold noodles 냉면 (여름)  5,000Won
 냉Jjolmyeon 쫄면 (여름)  5,000Won
Basic information
Name Dongmyeong Kalguksu
동명kalguksu 칼국수
Address 20-2, Sinchang-dong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Busan
부산광역시 중구 신창동1가 20-2
Telephone 051)241‐0061
business hours 11:30~21:00(Last order) 20:40
Closed day On Lunar New Year and Chuseok

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