Buyeo, the ancient capital of Baekje, also called the Baekje Sabi era, is still actively excavating and investigating the remains. Buyeo, the last capital of Baekje, which flourished around Busosanseong Fortress in Gwanbuk-ri, is also famous for the Battle of the Baekchon River, where ancient Japan participated.The Baekma River flows to the west, and if you use a cruise ship at the Gudra Ferry of the Baekma River, you can tour Goransa Temple and Nakhwaam Hermitage, which had the history of Baekje at the time of the collapse of the Nadang Allied Forces.

In addition, there are the Buyeo National Museum, Gungnamji, Baekje Royal Tomb, and Baekje Cultural Complex, which were used to shoot dramas. Buyeo itself is not very wide, so you can take a slow walk and soak up in Baekje history.

In 2015, Gwanbuk-ri ruins, Busosanseong Fortress, Jeongnimsa Temple Site, Neungsan-ri Ancient Tombs, and Buyeo Naseong Fortress were registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.