Buyeo Jangwon Makguksu

Buyeo Jangwon Makguksu

Makguksu restaurant near the Geumgang River in Busosanseong Fortress, the last royal road of Baekje

Hello, Busosanseong Fortress, north of Buyeo-gun, the third capital of Baekje, was the last royal castle of Baekje. The Baekma River, which was the last battle between the Baekje People’s Coalition and the Silla Coalition, flows quietly west of Busosanseong Fortress. Today, Baekma River has become a tourist attraction where cruise ships carrying tourists come and go.

Jangwon Makguksu, a makguksu restaurant popular with Buyeo residents and tourists, is about 200m away from Gudrae Ferry, where the Baekma River cruise ship departs. Jangwon Makguksu is one of the best restaurants in Buyeo that you must taste when you visit Buyeo with lotus leaf rice in Buyeo-gun.

The panoramic view and interior of the restaurant

Buckwheat Makguksu and Pyeonyuk Boiled Pork Neck

Jangwon Makguksu, which has a rural atmosphere, is a famous restaurant where you always stand in line in summer, and buckwheat Makguksu is really delicious when you wrap Pork pork Pyeonyuk, a delicacy here.

If you come to Buyeo for a tour, I recommend you to have Makguksu for lunch before taking the Baekma River cruise.

Buyeo Jangwon Makguksu
Buckwheat noodles


Buckwheat noodles

Buyeo Jangwon Makguksu
boiled pork


slices of boiled meat

 17,000Won (2person)
Basic information
Name Buyeo Jangwon Makguksu
Address 8-1 Gugyo-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo-gun, Chungcheongnam-do
충청남도 부여군 부여읍 구교리 8-1
Telephone 041-835-6561
business hours 11AM to 17PM

How to go:It takes about 15 to 20 minutes on foot from Buyeo Intercity Bus Terminal to Jangwon Makguksu.

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