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Distributing smart menu that foreigners can easily order

At major restaurants in Busan, smart menu have appeared that allow foreigners to easily search for menus and place orders.

Busan City announced on the 6th that it has distributed smart menus using QR codes to 50 restaurants in major tourist attractions in Busan.

When a customer scans the menu QR code with a smartphone, they can check the type and price of the food in not only Korean, but also English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish along with the corresponding photo.

You can also book, order and pay online.

There is also an event that offers discounts on food when paying online.

Busan City is promoting this project together with the Busan Tourism Association as one of the international tourism city projects contested by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

Looking at the business performance, we plan to continue to expand the supply of smart menus.
BUSANNAVI BUSANNAVI · 2023-01-07 16:23 · Views 423 · Busan City
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